Street Photography – Research Task

 Research six Street Photographers

Osamu Kanemura

Nick Turpin

Mirko Martin

Micheal Wolf

Amani willett

Munem Wasif

Osamu Kanemura


Osamu Kanemura (1964) born in Tokyo and living in Tokyo. He began photographing in 1989, he photographs the action of building something and the process of demolition in Tokyo. Kanemura is influenced by the ‘snapshot’ styles of Garry Winogrand and his favorite teacher at school was Kiyoshi Suzuki who inspired him. Osamu’s photographs show fragments of the city; streets, electric cables, bicycles, urban effigies, grid-like groups, and horizons. Though the specific images are unique with elevated trains, shops, karaoke bars in and around Tokyo.

Photograph by Osamu Kanemura                  

Black and White               Voyage

ImageBicycles                    Streets     Peaceful Environment                 Public                 Darkness
Nick TurpinImage

Nick Turpin (1969) born in London in 1969. Nick studied ‘Art and Design’ at the University of Gloucestershire then ‘Photography, Film and Video’ at the University of Westminster. When he completed his Photography degree at the University of Westminster he went to work as part of the staff photography with The Independent Newspaper. He left the Independent newspaper to pursue his personal work and second career in Advertising and Design Photography shooting campaigns around the world for brands like IBM, Jaguar, Range Rover and Samsung. He founded the International Street Photographers group iN-PUBLIC, and he promoted photography in print, online and in his documentary film at Tate Modern in London. Nick taught and lectured on the Discovery Channel and in many workshops for the Tate Modern, Museums, Universities, The School of Life and on TV. At the moment, Nick is working in France on his street project “The French” that was exhibited at London’s St Pancras Station in July.

Photograph by Nick Turpin

Image              Model

            High quality        

 Lights     Energy                              Colour             Balcony     Impact

When I looked at this picture I thought it was fantastic and of high quality because the model trying to be emphasizes for good selling pictures to magazines. I guess this is great! This picture is a Photoshoot and he used Photoshop, flash, zoom lenses, lights, HD colour.

Mirko Martin


Mirko was born in 1976 in Sigmaringen, and now lives and works in Berlin. He started to study Fine Arts at the Braunschweig University of Art for 7 years from 2001-2008. He also studied film at the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. In 2005/2006, he started a course in Film studies another university abroad for a year.

Los Angeles      Public


Hollywood Film

Constant Topic                   Psychological                        Sociological

When I looked at this picture I think it looks like a Hollywood crime film scene or action scene. You can see police, the street, apartments and shops. This picture uses colour, contrast,  zoom, flash, Photoshop and is HD.

Michael Wolf


In 1954 Michael Wolf was born in Munich, Germany and now lives in Hong Kong. He grew up in Canada, Europe and the United States. He studied at UC Berkeley and at the Folk Wang School with Otto Steiner in Essen, Germany. He moved to Hong Kong in 1994 where he worked for 8 years because of a contract with Stern magazine until 2001. Wolf has always focused on his own projects and has published a lot of books. He has also has exhibited in numerous locations including Venice, New York, Finland, Hamburg, Germany, Chicago, California and Frankfurt. He has won four prizes in his career and has published more than 13 photos books as well.


Crime               Gangster         Public              Hood

Blur            Mobile Phones       Street

When I looked at this picture it reminds me of a gangster film set in America where there are a lot of street hoodies. They organize where to meet and what time using their mobiles. The picture is blurred, uses zoom and is of low quality.

Amani Willett

In 1997 Amani Willett started to study American Studies at the Wesleyan University. After 15 years working he decided go back to school to study Photography, Video and Related Media for a while. Amani Willett currently lives in Brooklyn with his family. His pictures have been exhibited nationally and international including the Howard Greenberg gallery and his work has been featured in such publications as the American Photographic magazine, Newsweek and The New York Times. He has given talks about his work at institutions including the International Center of Photography. Amani has received his MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts.


Public      Michael Jordan advert              Autobus           Street           Sun

New York

Clear        Grid

When I looked at this picture I thought it was very good because you can see other people reflected in the Michael Jordan advertisement. This picture uses Photoshop, is of good quality, zoom in and flash.

Munem Wasif


Munem Wasif was born in 1983 in Bangladesh. He was dreaming of becoming a pilot or cricket player and then a photographer. He decided to move to the big city of Dhaka. He had taken his diploma in photography from Pathshala, to change for a better life experience, which made him aware of his stories. Wasif prefers to photograph the people he knows. He country was the first and favourite field of investigation. He never finds it a problem to tell a story of the human tradition and his photographs are classical. He allows himself to grow in different directions. Since 2008, Agence Vu in Paris has appointed him. He was one of the curators of Chobimela VII, International Festival of Photograph. He currently teaches documentary photography in Pathsala.


Hug        Brother       Friend      Emotion                                           Crying

Monochrome          Spectacular                Public

When I looked at this picture I thought it was good and fantastic because it is very emotional and it looks like good friends or brothers. This picture uses monochrome photography, HD, flash, lights and Photoshop.


Osamu Kanemura – Exhibition – “Spider’s Strategy” April –  June 2, 2007

Opening Reception: Wednesday April 11, 6-8PM.

Mariko Takeuchi

Happiness is a Red before Exploding (2000) and I CAN TELL (2001).

Nick turpin

The school of life 2013

70 Marchmont Street, London, United Kingdom WC1N 1AB

Nick Turpin


Mirko Martin


Additional Information

“Talents 25. In Broad Day”- MIRKO MARTIN, MELANIE MARTIN
Exhibition: Oct. 08 – Dec. 06, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 07; 7pm
Oranienburger Strasse 35/36

Micheal Wolf


Amani Willett

His website

Munem Wasif

Agence Vu

Abvent Group 2013

Munem Wasif


12 Best Photographers

IMG_8625 IMG_8622 IMG_8620 IMG_8607 IMG_8600 IMG_8596 IMG_8572 IMG_4514 IMG_4480 IMG_4476 IMG_4473 IMG_1216

Self Evaluation

My assignment was to research 6 Street photographers. I need to provide information about their background, stylistic influences, opinion, fact and themes they have contained within their work.

I need to provide text as well as visual imagery of their work. Photographers supporting your visual images. My research must be in-depth with detail about their work. I need to use Word or PowerPoint document to evidence my work.

The first thing I did was to research the Street Photographers from primary and secondary research for their work.

The teacher gave me a form to research 6 of 42 photographers. I chose 6 Street Photographers; Osamu Kanemura, Nick Turpin, Mirko Martin, Michael Wolf, Amani Willett and Munem Wasif because they have a good skills, natural and fantastic imagery.

I collected examples of their work and analysed the differences and my opinion. I collected 6 pictures as examples of their work. I started my written work and asked my teacher to check what I had written. I wondered if I was on the right track was but my teacher said it was wrong. My tutor, Pan, showed me an example of how to layout my sketchbook and I had a clear understanding. After I finish the street photographers I should create a bibliography using the Harvard reference method. This should be put at the bottom when the research is done because teacher needs to know which book or website I used for the research information.

I started my idea development several of methods from brainstorming, moodboards and thumbnails. There are number of keywords in the Street Photography assignment: Space, time, decay, mutation, evolving, emotions, drama, life, kinetic, energy, anxieties, speed, urban and rhythm. I was asked to chose 3 words and I decided to choose energy, speed and urban. These are my favourite of the keywords. I brainstormed my idea, created a Moodboard and did a contact sheet of my pictures each chosen my keywords from Adobe Illustration CS5 on my laptop.

I created three Moodboards for energy, speed and urban in my sketchbook. The teacher gave me a me a Panasonic camera outside locations in London for practice to make sure it will be benefit for me before the final shoot. I need to choose a number of locations in London are Tower Hill, Bank, The London Underground, Oxford Circus and Southbank. I decided to choose Oxford Circus because of interchange at Regent Street, Oxford Street and Soho are extremely busy. You might know there are plenty of a spot for modeling agency scouts. It is really popular spot. That is why I choose to take photographs of people, street, shopping and place. It will be a good opportunity for me but there are too many shopping for me because there are not good enough to take more photographs. When I get back to class by 12.30pm. The teacher has been check out of my photographs, the teacher said that there are not a lot of photographs. It is over 50 photograph. So next time, I would have been a more photographs. I did putting all of my photographs on Photoshop CS5 to change from colour to black and white. Then I putted all of my photographs on Adobe Bridge CS5 for layout images for four columns and four rows.

Before half term, the teacher said I am required to visit some Photographic Gallery/Exhibitions in London. This is primary research which I could then develop on. It is good practice and helps progress in my work. There were four photographic exhibitions of choice, I decided to chose “Richard Avedon: Women” and “Corinne Day: May the Circle Remain Unbroken”.

After the half term break, I came back to work. I decided to choose another location which was Southbank because there are skaters, street performers, posh restaurants, modern places, and classic places, couples holding hands and the Tate Modern as well. It is a very popular tourist destination to go to the South Bank in the weekend, with the Thames River in the background. A popular tourist location has always more enthusiasm and enjoyable atmosphere. After I came back to class a bit late. I just took about 80 photographs because I don’t have to take more photographs. I did have other photographs planned but I could not make it because I needed finish all of my work before a week deadline. I know how to improve next time. I put all of my photographs on Photoshop CS5 to change from colour to black and white. Then I put all of my photographs on Adobe Bridge CS5 for adjusting the layout of the images to four columns and four rows. At the end, I will choose my 12 best photographs and put them in my sketchbook.





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