Smashing Down Barriers

Photographer, Cameraman and Music Producer Kevin Walker is profoundly deaf and currently works as an apprentice for a production and live event company called the Refinery. Kevin who started working for the company in August 2014 helps with organising festivals linked to science and arts, edits videos, works as a cameraman, takes photos does music production and carries out research. He wanted to let us know about the latest project that he is working on.


I was really excited to work with Refinery because I wanted to learn new things and gain more experience about production work and organising live events. I am also involved in managing the social media for space and science news, information about festivals and fund raising for our science and arts festival. Our current project is an annual festival called SMASHfestUK, which will take place on 19 January 2015, the campaign has been running since mid December 2014.

As part of this campaign we are planning on trying to get as many people as possible that are deaf or have some form of hearing loss to get more involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine (STEM) because there are not enough students and careers in STEM. This will be a good opportunity and experience for deaf and people with hearing loss to come along and explore SMASHfestUK. It will be both engaging and visual and hopefully inspire future professionals.

There are plans to involve Sencity in future SMASHfestUK events, both to enhance the experience for all but also to make it particularly interesting and more accessible to deaf people and those with hearing loss. Unfortunately, this year it has not been possible to bring Sencity on board but they have given us some good input all the same.

Please check it out, I hope you support us. I really appreciate it.

More information can be found at the link below:



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