Looking at articles: History of football, Role Model and Football is future.

Looking at articles: History of football, Role Model and Football is future.

History of football: – The Origins

Description – This a true history of the world’s favorite football game spans more than 100 years. England began in 1863, when rugby football and association football separate on their different sport and the Football Association (FA) in England was set up. England becoming the sport’s first governing body. The fact remains that people enjoyed kicking a ball about thousand of years and there is absolutely no idea to consider, it is more than natural form of playing a ball with the hands.

First thing, apart from the give work to the legs and feet in tough to achieve something for the ball, sometimes without any laws for protection, It was the art of controlling the ball with the feet was not easy and, such as required of skill, ability, dribbling and goal. The very earliest of the game for which there is scientific evidence was an exercise from a military back to the second and third centuries BC in China.

Role Model

Pele had one the best playing that they ever have after he scores more than 1283 goals in his entire career and play 1367 match. He is best known about his excellent athletic performing and be chosen at one of the soccer players and one of best athlete in all XX century.

Cruyff has change the world with his skills, technical ability, speed, acceleration and dribbling but his greatest quality was vision, also physical and mentally such as focus on the field of football.

Mourinho had won league titles four different countries include Portugal, England, Italy and Spain, also becoming the first manager to win the traditional top three European League Championship. One of the most important things is Mourinho has learnt from Sir Bobby Robson. Mourinho was ranked No.9 on the list of most influential Men all over the world, it could change the world.

Bobby Robson was not a tactic genius, Robson has showed any talent for developing new players, with his a good interpersonal skills, caring attitude, hard work, enthusiasm and successful helping them to achieve their best. Bobby Robson was the most influential all over the world. At the moment, many children are looking at him such as Mourinho and Villa boas because they have been successful.

Ronaldinho has influenced the world with his skill, ability, creative, dribbling and technique with the ball. He has changed the world of football with the way he plays.

Drogba is one of the best centre forwards in the world. Drogba has influenced the world with his skills, powerful, technique, creative and physique with the ball. Drogba is incredible talent. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as a goodwill Ambassador appointed Drogba was impressed his previous charity work and believed Drogba would help raise awareness on African issues. Drogba being named as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time magazine for 2010

David Beckham said “I just want people to see me as a hardworking footballer, someone that’s passionate about the game, someone that – every time I stepped on the pitch – I’ve given everything that I have, because that’s how I feel. That’s how I look back on it and hope people will see me.” I would say young people would learn from him as a role model.

Football is future

Football’s future offer everything such as Tiny Tots Soccer, Soccer Schools, Breakfast/Lunch/After School Clubs, School or Club Team Coaching, Individual Tution, Football Birthday Parties, Holiday Clubs and Football in the Community Programmes. All of these are still future for people to become better their life, also can change the world.

Quantitative: This is numbers or statistics, e.g. people want to know how many bus or computer etc.

Qualitative: Means opinions, culture, and social factors, which are analyzed.

Primary research: One to one interview, questionnaires and new information about peoples lifestyles. This is the best way to gather research because you can clarify this research.

Secondary research: Internet, book, news agency and other media sources. This is helpful because you need to know more information about football. You need to know if football can change the world or what happens.

Data gathering agencies: Information is gathering by agencies and analyzed. E.g. BARB gathers information about TV viewing. This helpful for us because we need to know how many people viewing TV.


Questionnaire for documentary


Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
Do you think football can change the world?
Do you think FIFA can stop racism within football?
Do you think football is the biggest sport?
Do you think football could stop in the future?
Do you think footballers are good role models for children?



Proposal for my Documentary

I have beened commission to make a documentary or short film aimed at young people. I have decided to make a Documentary because it will be easier than a short film. That is the best way to choose Documentary. I started my idea development for football called “How Football Can Change The World”.

I started my idea development for history of football and role model why it is very important market and production research, to research the viability of my idea to build an audience profile and decide on the programme slot.

Market research is very important because depend on consumers what they like, what they need and preferences about my documentary. That is why I just want to know how to improve my documentary.

The production research is what I need to find out before I can make the documentary such as. The technical requirements the company will need loan for lights, video cameraman, location, sound technician and microphone. There will be a lot of pressure on the use of equipment and availability so company will need to book the equipment with the technicians summer before the deadline.

A representative from the company will be in the video. I will interview young people that studying at college.

I also will give out my questionnaire about how strongly they agree or disagree with a series of statement. I believe it can help my documentary because I just don’t know what happens.




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