I have created Earcons, which are specific sounds for a mobile phone. I created Mobile Alarm, Mobile Phone Message Alert, Mobile Ringtone, Mobile New Voicemail, Mobile App and Mobile text tone. I also created computer for computer logon and computer sent mail.

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 14.04.15 Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 14.04.51

For all of these I used the ‘bounce’ for Earcons.

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 14.26.39


Planning schedule for Earcons

Task Date Task finished

Week 1:

Using Logic Pro, I created Alarm, Phone Message Alert, Ringtone, New Voicemail and Sent Mail. I used piano and created specific sounds. I also used sounds library from Logic Pro.

16/04/13 Done
Week 2: I used the bounce for all sounds I created for earcons from Logic Pro and saved on the server.


23/04/13 Done



Planning schedule for Sci-Fi sound

Task Date Done
Week 1: Booked equipment for Edirol and material required.

I recorded all sounds outside and inside the college. I then downloaded my recordings to the Logic Pro 9.

02/04/13 Done
Week 2: Trailer 9

I edited the sounds then I used bounce. I then matched this to the scenes in the film. I saved my sounds in a folder in the server.

9/04/13 Done



Planning schedule for website sound

Task Date Task finished

I created music for my Gym website.

30/04/13 Done
Week 1: I created my own sound at home. I created sound effect and editing from Logic Pro.

I used the bounce for the music I Created for website authoring from Dreamweaver

7/04/13 Done



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