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Brainstorm in groups Adobe Youth Voices themes for concepts

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The first thing we were a group as teamwork. We needed to do was to brainstorm my ideas for Adobe Youth Voices such as Sexually Discrimination, Bullying, Human rights, Disability, Environment, Teenage Pregnancy, Racism, Education, Politics, Obesity, Drugs, Child Poverty, Culture and religion, Sexually Abuse and Deaf.

I was thinking I wanted to create a brainstorm for ‘Poverty in Africa’. This time it was right. I progressed well and my idea developed quickly

Site Map


We needed to have plan for site map before we need to start interactive media what you have an idea and what you want to do.

Interactive Media -1

Brainstorm in groups Adobe Youth Voices themes for concepts


The word “Terrorism” is the environmental political world use of terror and coercion like what happened the entire whole world. Common definitions of terrorism are unlawful violence, religious groups, political, war, civilian, corrupt, governments and civil rights. Many people could die every minute because of terrorism. It is a great opportunity for Young people could have avoided human fear to help achieve these goals. We can believe in young people to change the world.


The word “Education” is the environmental learning in which knowledge, intelligent, idea, skills, experience, inspired and habits. All of these are good for young people who need to understand what happened politics history like war, religious, violence and civil rights. This education is a generally for young people what they think, feel and acts. The special education is very important for disabled and deaf young people who need tutor, interpreters, and CSW because they tried to help disabled and deaf to understand about education.



Interactive Media-1 Adobe Youth Voice Research



Adobe Youth Voices give opportunity for young people communities all over the world. Adobe Youth Voices is a project for young people who have a good ideas, potential and want to do something for their communities.

Adobe Youth Project has invested $8 million every year in the Adobe Youth Voices programmes. Adobe Youth Voices have grants for training, employee volunteer and educational resources. Adobe Youth Voices can support young people in and out of school, and young people focus on their ideas, potential and take action where they live. The Adobe Youth Voices have a global network with about 750 sites, and has become big expanding number of grantees and organizations in over 50 countries. Adobe Youth Voices is very popular. Adobe Youth Voices has joined with over 150,000 youth and 8,200 educators in colleges and schools.



This picture I felt like it is very clear and high quality but it is not a good thing because the pollution has definitely killed elephant.  So the elephant wants a big dream to fly in the sky.

Oakland Adobe Youth Voices Peapod Academy


This picture I thought he just focus on his career for music production.

Oakland Adobe Youth Voices Peapod Academy Lab


The photographic has shown this picture because there are people interest to work with computers Apple Mac I think any people may interest this picture.

 Children protection campaign


This picture I felt like it is very important for children who have abused. This part of the children protection It is about photo story telling with digital art, that can help children rights of safety.



This picture I felt like it was cool. This digital art is about love and romantic but I don’t understand what to do this picture for the world.

Bullying Trading Card


This picture looks like good idea about bullying. I think this picture is genius.



This picture is very strange because  robed-monk child has joined with soldiers from China and Tibet. I think robed-monk adult can be joined with soldiers for protection.

Cinequest Screening


This picture has nothing to do.



I think this picture is imagining because I have never heard about balloons before. I’m not sure if that is true or not



I think this picture is clear because Issa had using photoshop from blur. So it is fantastic.

 I Fell In Love With a Stranger


This picture is a project illustration an original poem. This picture is about stranger anything what you think about stranger. So you must thinking about anything like this picture.



This picture is an animation about “let’s dance”. When I looked this picture I felt like I could not understand it.

Follow Your Dreams


This post is a good idea for any people who interest to be part of sing or choir.


Should Any Free Soul Come Across…


This post from illustration graphic makes it all clear, easy and good quality. I think it is about horror.

 Censorship and Fantasy


This animation has created from illustration. It is about freedom of expression, censorship and fantasy.



Interactive Media Adobe Youth Voices Research Task – History of poster design

I choose 3 of the styles are Constructivism, World War 2 Propaganda Posters and Psychedelic Art.

Constructivism: In Russia beginning in 1919, Constructivism was an artistic and architectural philosophy, which did not agreed with the idea of autonomous art. The influence art was pervasive with architecture, graphic and industrial design, theatre, film, dance, fashion and to some extent music. The posters art use powerful phrases on the posters. Constructivism was using a post World War 1 development of Russian Futurism because Russia was called Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1915. These posters are always using diagonal, font bold and serif. This called is constructivism art. When I looked these posters are very powerful and bold red colour. The posters always using colour red because of flag and communist.




World War II Propaganda: During World War II (1941-45). In American Propaganda was used less support for the war propaganda and joined by victory. People have been using media posters for the war Propaganda. Poster World War is one of the most dangerous things because Army tries persuading any people who interest to involved World War II. It is about advertising throughout the war, as large scale campaigns were pushing to sell war bonds, promote. The war makes the advertising industry in American society. This poster has shown careless talk as information to the enemy and allied deaths. For example when one bad man tried to ask another person to kill innocent man because bad man needs money for a millionaire and might be big an enemy. This poster by “a careless word… A needless Loss” using horizon, font white bold and sanserif. It is very sad because of war where there are lots of people who died. Another poster by “Pro-Filipino” was always trying to fight for freedom because of war. This poster tried to persuade any people to stop World War II. When I looked this poster using font size bold serif and black and white. It is expressing anger.



Psychedelic art: is a visual artwork inspired by psychedelic experiences drug like LSD, mescaline and psilocybin. The word is “psychedelic” means mind manifesting made by British psychologist Humphrey Osmond. Rock music was using visual arts for psychedelic posters. Psychedelic art are using concert posters, album covers, lightshows, murals, comic books, underground art and newspapers. When I looked at this poster of Psychedelic art where there are lot of lights colours and font size sign. These posters are very clear like 3D or HD.



Interactive Graphics Research Task

Menu bar & Submenu:

Information & Page Layout:


Home Page & Contact Page:


Animated Graphics


When I looked this website I thought It was horrible and weird. There are kind of different ideas. Website is a 100% colour match study. It is all about dark. It was very easy navigate round the website. I found out where this website uses whalemen, animals, robots, people, colour study match and other creatures in a dark and twisted world. This website’s Raoul Sinier is a musician, animation, art, illustration, painter, filmmaker and illustration.


Menu bar & Submenu:

Information & Page Layout:


Home Page & Contact Page:


Animated Graphics


When I looked these website and images are match colour study. When I tried to navigate around the website it was easy but there was not a lot of information. There are kind of different ideas. I found out where there are new model art and designer have been shown in galleries, museum, wall, and house. These images build multi-layered, textured. That is very interesting to me. Dave Kinsey makes art and gallery. When Dave Kinsey has shown his CV I thought it was very impressive to me because he has a lot of experience.


When I looked this website I thought this is something new. There are kind of different ideas. I found out where there are images, animation and 3D images and videos. I found it very interesting because there are good ideas, techniques, high quality images and videos, flashlights and skills. When I tried to navigate around the website it was easy. This website is by Syd Mead, when I looked at his biography he has been a very successful graphic artist.



Interactive Media-1 Research Task

 RASTER IMAGE TECHNOLOGY: In computer graphics, image and bitmap are using: grid of pixels or point of colour, viewable via a monitor, paper or other display medium.

 GIF: Graphic Interchange Format is a bitmap image format for colour pc and other images such as graphics or logos with areas of colour.

 TIF: Tagged Image File Format is a file for story images, popular graphic artists, publishing industry and both amateur and professional photography.

 JPG: Jpeg are digital photography and digital cameras for image. Jpeg has achieved 10:01 compression with little loss in image quality. It is very good size and image quality.

 PSD: is a Photoshop Document file format. A PSD needs an image with support for modify in Photoshop. There are layers with masks, colour spaces, ICC profiles, CMYK Mode, transparency, text, alpha channels and spot colours, clipping paths and duotone settings. A PSD file has a maximum height and width of 30,000 pixels, and a length limit of 2 Gigabytes

LOSSY COMPRESSION: When you have multimedia data you could be lose something on multimedia data because this should be direct to minimize the amount of data. Lossless compression needs to lose for text, data files and text articles. For example multi-megabyte can be use full-page advertisement for magazine, and 10 kilobyte can be used small images on a webpage.

LOSSLESS COMPRESSION: The term lossless is different to Lossy Data Compression where there are many applications. Many applications are often used only zip file format and Unix tool gzip. Some image file formats are like PNG and GIF use only lossless compression, while others like TIFF and MNG may use either lossless or lossy compressions.


 VECTOR IMAGE TECHNOLOGY: Vector graphics are using points, lines, curves and shapes or polygon which all of these are using images in computer graphics.

 EPS: Data structuring conventions is the basis for the EPS specification for adobe illustrator artwork file format.

AI: Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic editor for adobe system.

FLA: Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, interactivity. Adobe Flash used for advertisement game and flash animation for broadcasts.

COLOUR SPACE TECHNOLOGY: Colour Space as Color Space is a model colours are different because Adobe RGB and sRBG are two different colour spaces

GREYSCALE: is a typical greyscale images which computer imaging with only the two colours are black and white.

RGB: Red Green Blue. All of three colours additative primary colour lights on screen. Typical RGB INPUT are TV, Photography, Video Camera, Digital Cameras and Image Scanners.

YUV: is a colour space where it is used colour image pipeline. The opportunity of the terms Y’UV, YUV, YCbCr, YPbPr and more, is sometimes not clear and overlapping because of colour plane.

HSV: Hue Saturation Value. Related to the geometry of RGB.

SAMPLING: is a project for people and organizations by studying the sample which the whole population and sampling frame.

BPP: Bits Per Pixel is the number of instinct colour pixels depend on the number of Bits Per Pixel (BPP). For example, the number of colours available 1BPP equally 1-bits for pixel could have 2 colours monochrome, and 2BPP equally 2-bits for pixel could have 2 colours monochrome.

MONOCHROME: are called paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or shades of one color, grayscale and black and white. However this called Monochrome light for frequency (flashing lights).

256: is an 8 bit colour graphics. 256 are on screen colours.

HIGHCOLOUR: means a way of storing image information in a computers memory such as pixels. Colour is represented by all 16 bits

TRUECOLOUR: supports 24 bits for any images. It is very clear, high quality photography images and complex graphics. True colour are at least 256 shades and total 16,777,216 color variations. True colour can’t be used outside RGB colour model.



 My assignment was to create an Interactive poster as part of the Adobe Youth Voices project. The Adobe Youth Voice is a very good opportunity for young people and their communities all over the real-world experience. The Adobe Youth Voices is a project for young people who have a good idea, potential, exhibit their potential and publicly display the work of an artist in art gallery or museum and want to do something for their communities. This project must be ready before the deadline on 19th March.

I did research about Adobe Youth Voices, what I feel and what I see whether good or bad before I started moodboard, sketches, posters, brainstorm and create thumbnails to plan my design development.

The first thing I needed to do was to brainstorm my ideas for Adobe Youth Voices such as Sexually Discrimination, Bullying, Human rights, Disability, Environment, Teenage Pregnancy, Racism, Education, Politics, Obesity, Drugs, Child Poverty, Culture and religion, Sexually Abuse and Deaf.

I decided to choose ‘Poverty in Africa’ because Adobe Youth Voices is very popular and it has joined with over 150,000 youths and 8,200 educators in colleges and schools across the world.

I started to draw my brainstorm for ‘Education’. I had a lot of ideas for education such as No money, Careers, College, University Fees, Politics History, Human Rights, Disabled, Deaf, Violence and Youth. I started to develop this but I could not to think of a good idea because it did not feel right for me. It was not a good progression.

I was thinking I wanted to create a brainstorm for ‘Poverty in Africa’. This time it I progressed well and my idea developed quickly. I’m happy with this idea. At the moment, I’m focusing on things about poverty in Africa because it is very important to change people’s lives. I created a brainstorm for poverty Africa in my sketchbook such as, Unemployment, Education, Careers, Schooling, Fraud, Poor Health, Death, No water and food, HIV/AIDS, Hospital care, Disease, Medicine, Vast Population increase, Physically Limitations, Homelessness and poverty. I created a site map for poverty Africa interactive poster and tried to sort out how we could make them happy if people made a donation to them, if not, 34.000 children in poverty would die everyday.

I created a logo for my company called “1 PWR” (One Power) and used a 3D visual style effect with black typography and red background for this logo. I created a moodboard for colour study, which matches from websites and photos I researched. All of these colours are my favourite colours. I created a plan for my design and did four sketches such as, how to press for at ATM bank if people would like to proceed to payment. I have now created a number of interactive posters including background colour, photos, logo and typography. I’m trying to persuade people to donate to child poverty in Africa. The design for my interactive poster was not good enough because my teachers checked my work and advised me to make changes. So I changed my design development for the first poster and created two outcomes, negative and positive.

I created two interactive buttons for the poster, when you press these it will take forward to the next screen or back to the opening poster.

For this assignment I used an Apple Mac, Adobe computer programmes (Adobe Illustration CS3 and CS6) for posters, images, typography and layout. All this needs skills to use the programmes. After I practiced using the software, I improved my skill and my confidence. I really enjoyed it because I learned how to make a professional design for an interactive poster using Adobe software computer programmes, which are exciting, fantastic and motivated me.

I copied some images from various websites for the posters. But my teacher said the photos might be copyrighted. I tried to copy some photos that were royalty free but this was not good as most of them were pixilated. My teacher decided I should keep all of my posters for the assignment but if I want to send my work to Adobe I will have to find copyright free images. After my teacher had a discussion with Adobe Youth Voices had decided to discard the photos all of my posters because I need to ask permission for the photos I used. I just found out that you can download royalty free images from Getty image website, it was good for pixel. I decided to copy all of my favourite pics and paste all of my posters.




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