Task 2

1) Quantitative and Qualitative research.

Quantitative: This is numbers or statistics, e.g. people want to know how many bus or computer etc.

Qualitative: Means opinions, culture, and social factors, which are analyzed.

2) Different methods of research

Primary research: One to one interview, questionnaires and new information about peoples lifestyles.

Secondary research: Internet, book, news agency and other media sources.

Data gathering agencies: Information is gathering by agencies and analyzed. E.g. BARB gathers information about TV viewing.


Purpose of research

Audience research: This is the numbers or statistics, e.g. people want to know how many people watch a particular TV programme. Audiences are important because TV programmes are very popular and seen by millions people in Britain.

Many people want to know how we use the media because it has become more central to our lives. What people understand about what we consume and the effects the media have on our lives. TV media is a huge successful.

Market research: Gathering data about lifestyle, habits etc which can be used for development and marketing purposes. Research can be habits applied to various products like radio presentations, TV shows, packaged TV documentaries series and advertising.

Production research:  Production techniques can be used for a production team. These would be the technical aspects of the Production Research. For example the equipment used in television would be a cameraman, sound equipment, sound technician, light technician, video technician, Director and Producer. Other jobs could include a Location Manager, Boom operator, Casting director and researcher. Other important aspects would include choosing the location, licensing and distribution.


Production Research: The production research is what I need to find out before I can make the documentary such as. The technical requirements the company will need loan for lights, video cameraman, location, sound technician and microphone. There will be a lot of pressure on the use of equipment and availability so company will need to book the equipment with the technicians summer before the deadline.

Task 5

Consider where you can raise money from your production.

The film producers need to find finance for a project and other financing so they can deliver a film project. Producers need to be able to voice and explain the vision of the film. The film producers will also use their own money because when people aren’t interested in investing in your film they will have on some financial risk by using their own money.

The film producer needs to do deal with investors so they will invest in the development a project.

The producer has discussions with film production companies for increasing investment. Production companies have invested a lot of their own money in other projects.

The producer has accepted to offer the future sales and broadcast rights. The film can return for money to develop the script.

The producer can apply from public funding body like UK film council (UKFC) for a development grant.

The producer will also ask private investors to invest money. The producer hopes they will support the project.

The financiers can go anywhere in the world where the producer need to make great film. That is why the producer must travel in the world.

That is part of private between production companies and public bodies need all investment in films. The producer lawyer brought up contracts to deals.

The producer can raise money by pre-sales. The justified to the film has been accepted for pre sales selling. There are departments of banks invest in commercial projects and offer loans.

Manager has been discussion about financiers that processes of finish in place before banks invest agree about the commercial project and offer loans. Then it is arrangement for the production.

All of these funding and insurance are secured because the producer has been successfully.

SWOB analysis

Many people have many good qualities that can have either a positive or negative affect on achieving their goals. The positive, good qualities are known as strengths. The negative, bad qualities are known as weaknesses. The positive are the ones that provide opportunity. The negatives should be less of a focus and more focus on the positive qualities.

I consider myself to be a friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic person.  I am well organised and I have an efficient and practical approach to all the tasks I undertake.

Consider Copyright Issues

The company must remember about copyright because It is important when you have a plan to make a documentary then the company should ask permission from the performers/model/student to fill out form by them for material that is required such as photographs or film footage.

How will you promote my documentary? 

We believe that football is successful and popular. We will try to promote my documentary about “How Football Can Change The World”. I just want to know if football changed the world or what really happens. Hopefully, my documentary will be successful.

Potential sources of income

The producer can apply from public funding body like UK film council (UKFC) for a development grant.






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