1.9 Codes of Practice and Regulation

1.9 Codes of Practice and Regulation

Permissions and Information

When you make film you must consult with the London Filming Partnership because you must follow their Code of Practice and make a voluntary agreement with the London Filming Partnership. The London Filming Partnership wants to make a more film friendly city for all.

Permission to film

It is important because if you have a plan to film then you should ask permission to film or notify appropriate authority for location, private owned or public property (including most streets). If you need you should contact the property owner or London Borough Film Service or local authority. If you need to make filming on a “red route” in London you will also need to apply to Transport for London (TLF).  It must be inform local police for location filming, script or shoot cause you need to get in touch with police. But some London Borough Film (BFS) Services will inform police for you about your shoot. This is particularly important when you make filming in a location that may have iconic, religious or government building cause it is all about film.

Private and Public Locations

You will need to apply form for property owner. If you need to make filming in a flat or on a housing estate it may be owned from a Housing Association or Council so you will need to contact relevant parties. London has divide about 33 separate boroughs, and Borough Film Service deals with filming for all local authority includes street, estates, commons, town hall, some schools, shopping and leisure centers etc.

Street Filming

Street Filming or photography does not reason an obstruction cause they risk being stop from filming. Street Filming don’t need to control to filming on London streets because there is no license or any form of official permission is required.

Health and Safety

This for employer have to make sure that people are not injured or dead or accident at work. It is regulations.

Public Liability

You will need to upload a copy of your Public Liability Insurance document to make sure you have Public Liability Insurance for your production work.

Please note

You don’t need copyright from building’s owner because of outside locations in filming. However, you may still need permission to film or notify appropriate authority for location, private owned or public property (including most streets) in filming. The film London Portal will save your information if you are planning to film in borough London. You must use the system at least 3 days before you plan to film.


Table 1.1


As Advertising Standards Authority has set up in 1962 for advertisements complaint with the requirement that they be legal, decent, honest, innocent, promise and truthful.

Complaints about the ASA

ASA are committed to offering a high professional, expert and efficient and regularly from both complaints and advertisers trough our regular. If you’re not happy with the ASA is decision on your complaint, and you may write down a letter to make a complaints about the ASA.


Table 1.2

Trade unions and associations

Why is it important to belong to a union or association?

Union: Union is group of worker organizing, and taking collective action to protect their lives. Union member and union organizations are acting collectively.  Union can offer workers with employers. Most union keeps a paid professional staff to achieve their activities. Union is very important because it could have say includes wages, hours, working, conditions. Union is also still important because they can help for education, skill levels, wages, working conditions and quality of life for workers.

Pact is the UK trade association are representing and promoting the commercial for film, television, digital, children and media companies.



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